How to Improve Product Ranking on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon can be a lucrative endeavor. The eCommerce platform hosts more than 195 million monthly active customers. As a merchant, you can expect to boost your sales when listing your products on Amazon.

But, to get the most out of Amazon, you must optimize your product listings for better visibility and ranking. Product videos are one way to improve your listing and rank higher among other sellers. Videos are more engaging than images and text. They also convey more information on the product to customers than text can.

Here you will learn how product videos can help your Amazon SEO efforts to improve your sales. You will also discover ways to improve your ranking to drive more sales and make more money.

How Videos Affect Product Ranking

Amazon’s algorithm ranks products based on various factors. Among these is the product video. The algorithm considers any video you upload to your listing page and uses it when ranking your products. 

Using videos in listings can help boost conversions. If customers view a demo of your product, they will develop an emotional connection with it. That will lead to more sales and higher conversion rate

 Therefore, using attractive product videos can help improve your ranking on Amazon. If you have a low-ranking product listing without videos, customers will not take your product seriously. Your products may have fewer views and sales.

How can you improve product ranking on Amazon with product videos?

1. Create High Resolution and Engaging Videos

Some sellers upload low-quality videos to their product listings. This mistake can hurt your ranking and visibility among other sellers. Your video must be well-produced, professional, and of high quality.

Customers will not watch poorly produced videos. Without engagement, your product will not rank high on Amazon. Use a professional camera when capturing a video of the actual product. Highlight all the features and benefits of the product interestingly.

Ensure you keep your videos short. Most customers will not watch a long video for a product listing. Make your videos about two minutes or less. In that time, you can highlight the best features of the product and how it works.

2. Use Appropriate Keywords

To rank your product on Amazon and search engines, you must use keywords in your titles and descriptions. Keywords are vital because they help customers find the best match for the product they need. 

When adding keywords to your videos, use those relevant to the product and its uses. Do not stuff the keywords. Instead, use them in a natural way that helps customers find your product. Remember that the essence of product descriptions is to help clients understand your product. 

For example, if you are selling a phone case, use keywords such as “phone case,” “protective case,” and so on. Avoid irrelevant phrases that could confuse the customer, like “cheap plastic case.”

Including keywords in your videos can improve your product ranking on Amazon. When customers search for products, the algorithm will prioritize listings with the keywords they search.

3. Add Listing to Correct Category 

Amazon serves several industries, and it is one of the low cost ways to promote your product. It is vital to add your product in relevant categories to increase visibility. Irrelevant listing can lead to fewer views and conversions.

Correct use of categories is one factor Amazon considers when ranking a product. When a customer searches through a category, Amazon will show all products that match their search. If you assign your product to an irrelevant category, it will not appear on the search, even with relevant keywords.

To establish the correct category for your product, consider the customer’s search intention. What are they searching for? Understanding your customers will make it easier to determine their needs. For instance, a farm tractor is best suited in the farming section, not the auto industry.

4. Price Reasonably

Nobody wants to make a loss when selling their products online. You will always want to cover the production costs, shipping fee, and other related charges. Nevertheless, setting a very high price for your product will not help increase sales or rank on Amazon.

High prices may turn customers away, resulting in fewer sales. Amazon will treat your product as irrelevant, and your ranking will drop.

Make price comparison on Amazon to establish the right price for the product. Try to price the item near the average cost. This pricing strategy will help increase views and sales because it is reasonable to customers.

Lowering the prices too much may affect your ability to cover the costs involved in stocking your product. You may end up making a loss on every sale and lose customers in the long run. Some customers also would not trust a product that is too cheap.

5. Get Reviews 

Amazon product reviews are an excellent product optimization method. You should encourage customers to review the item as soon as they complete the purchase. Positive reviews will help increase the ranking of your product and may lead to more sales.

Negative reviews can hurt the ranking of a product. However, you must embrace them if they are genuine because customers express their experiences with the product or your service. Having a mix of good and bad reviews will help customers build trust with your store.

On the other hand, having 5-star reviews only is not prudent. It will be suspicious to customers, and they may not trust your product. While you would want the best reviews, a score of 4-star and above is not bad when it comes from hundreds or thousands of verified buyers.


Using Amazon for your marketing can help you grow your business. Having a video for your product is an excellent way to connect with the customers and convince them to buy from you. Ensure your video contains all the details your customers want to know about the products.

On top of that, embrace other product ranking techniques like pricing reasonably, getting reviews, and adding the product to the correct category. With Amazon, you can improve your ranking and start making more sales.

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